Upcoming Exhibits


In Conversation: Will Wilson
July 12- September 15, 2024

 The exhibit features the work of contemporary Navajo (Diné) photographer Will Wilson, together in a dialogue with the work of Edward Curtis, best known for his portfolios of romanticized photos published as The North American Indian (1907-1930). Wilson’s Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange (CIPX) project, on the other hand, is dedicated to creating a contemporary vision of Native North America. Wilson employs a wet-plate collodion photographic technique, based on the nineteenth-century method, but he pushes the CIPX project into the contemporary with the inclusion of “Talking Tintypes,” which use augmented reality (AR) technology to bring photographs to life. For Wilson, CIPX is a way to create new conversations and emphasize exchange over problematic documentation.

In Conversation: Will Wilson is organized by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.
Generous support provided by Art Bridges


Image: Will Wilson (b. 1969), Michelle Cook, Citizen of the Navajo Nation, UNM Law Student, 2013, printed 2018, archival pigment print from wet plate collodion scan, 22 x 17 in. Art Bridges. Photography of artwork by Brad Flowers.



Angelo State University Art Faculty Biennial Exhibition

September 28 - October 27, 2024

Hayun Surl, Along The Way (2024), Press mold, Stoneware Cone 3-6, Mixed Media 

The Angelo State University Art Faculty Biennial Exhibition features the work of the talented faculty members of Angelo State University’s Art Department. Each one of these dedicated instructors is an active and accomplished artist. This dynamic and varied exhibit features new works by Katherine Bunker (Kat Truth), Edwin Cuenco, Randy Hall, Jessica Kindrick, Chris Stewart, Ben Sum, Hayun Surl, John Vinklarek, and Leila Yarian, in a broad range of media including painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design, video, and installation.















The Plein Air Landscape: Selections from the Permanent Collection

October 18, 2024 – February 23, 2025


Where Children Sleep: Photographs by James Mollison

February 15 - April 6, 2025

Organized by Curatorial Assistance Traveling Exhibitions, Pasadena, California
Generously sponsored by Susan and Mort Mertz

 Indira, 7, Kathmandu, Nepal



In this revealing series of photographs, James Mollison invites us into the diverse stories of children in many different countries and circumstances. Each studio-style portrait is accompanied by a detailed study of the child’s “bedroom,” which can range from elaborate sanctuaries to the barest spaces set aside for sleep.

The photographs and their related materials convey the story of a universal childhood, full of insecurity, hope, pain, comfort, and doubt. Economic inequality, children’s rights, and how we are defined by our possessions and formed by our circumstances are some of the complex social, typological, and cultural issues that resonate in Mollison’s work.


The project, in all its diversity, is frankly observant and often surprising. Mollison’s subjects convey the simple truth that all children, whether from a first—or third—world economy, need to be nurtured and protected. His call to action is that we might walk away changed, viewing every child we meet as an individual in need of love and care. As the very concept of sleep and personal space conveys, Where Children Sleep is, above all else, a portrait of vulnerability.


2025 Ceramic Invitational Exhibition and Symposium

April 26 - July 13, 2025

Generously sponsored by John Williams and the San Angelo Endowment for Ceramic Events



The Art of Ezra Tucker

July 11 - September 7, 2025

Tour Produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C., David J. Wagner, Ph.D., Curator/Tour Director

Ezra Tucker with his artwork



Ezra Tucker, On Watch, 2022,
Acrylic on board,40 x 30 inches.
Courtesy of the artist.     


In this first traveling exhibition of artworks by Ezra Tucker, the untold stories of the Black experience in the history of the American West are depicted alongside monumental and dramatic paintings of North American wildlife and examples of allegory, fantasy, illustration, and narrative.

With a background in commercial illustration and design, Tucker combines his exceptional drafting skills with earth tones and warm light to give his subjects the glow of an old master’s work. Visitors will see Tucker’s hallmark ability to achieve a bold, romantic look by using a color palette and lighting that is familiar yet new.  





The Global Language of Headwear: Cultural Identity, Rites of Passage, and Spirituality

August 23, 2025 - January 4, 2026

Jointly organized by Stacey W. Miller and International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC
Generously sponsored by Suzanne Sugg and Beverly Stribling

Phami Akha Headdress, Thailand, mid-20th century, metal, beads, coins, cotton, ©2012 Courtesy of Hat Horizons, Photograph by Matthew Hillman



With a special focus exhibit, from the collection of Suzanne Sugg, Chinese children’s hats and other headwear from around the world.

The Global Language of Headwear: Cultural Identity, Rites of Passage, and Spirituality presents 89 hats and headdresses carefully selected from a private collection of more than 1300 extraordinary pieces of headwear from all over the world.

This exhibition features headwear from 42 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America, and is a tribute to the stunning diversity of the world’s cultures. With a few exceptions, the pieces are from the mid-to-late 20th century, and many are still worn today in parts of the world for revelry, ritual, and the rhythms of everyday life. More than utilitarian objects of material culture, each hat is a unique work of art—not merely because of the skill required to make it, but also as a singular expression of creativity and cultural meaning. 








26th San Angelo North American Ceramic Competition

April 18 - June 21, 2026

Generously sponsored by John Williams and the San Angelo Endowment for Ceramic Events