Open Studio

Open Studio is for students who have taken classes with us before and would like to work independently. It is also a great option for local clay artists who need access to kilns and a space to work. This option is for artists who are experienced in clay or students who have taken at least one 8 week class at the Concho Clay Studio as it is not guided by an instructor and participants are expected to be self-sufficient in their understanding of clay, tools, glazes, and other materials.



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One Day Access Passes can be purchased at the Clay Studio for experienced past students who are not enrolled in class or Open Studio Access. The fee is $20 per session (Friday is a double session, each session is $20) One Day Access does not include shelf space and any pieces left on the communal shelf will be recycled after 2 weeks. Clay is a separate charge.


There are no discounted or prorated options for open studio passes if you sign up later in the session.