Education Studio Multiple Visit Programs

Limit 25 students per session. For a more in-depth experience with art.
Each multiple visit program includes:

     • 1 gallery tour at SAMFA (45 minutes) (On-site presentations can be done if requested,

        but there is nothing like seeing art in real life!)

     • 4 studio sessions that can take place at the museum or in your classroom.

        (45 minutes each)

     • An art show for parents and teachers in the Coop Gallery

       (right across the street from SAMFA).

For Groups exceeding 75 Students: Due to the limited space in our galleries and the fragile nature of the artwork, we cannot provide a safe nor meaningful experience groups larger than 75. Groups exceeding 100 students, or groups with limited time constraints are welcome to enjoy a self-guided outdoor tour of the Art Museum and the surrounding Cultural District.


Concho Clay Studio Outreach programs: 

The clay studio hosts many free outreach programs to put clay in the hands of the community.

Free Family Clay Days and partnerships with the Education Studio at SAMFA to provide clay for various youth activities, and school tours. Other outreach includes sending ceramic artists to lecture and demonstrate at schools that do not have ceramics, providing clay for these students, and firing their work.