Steve Brudniak, Texas Sculpture Group

From Austin, Texas

Artist Statement:

The beauty I see in an object or artwork may have little to do with the actual subject matter or concept. The associations I make, the jolt I get, will take power from the visual connection to a deeper place in my brain.

I favor the surrealist approach of conceiving through a subconscious process, and though my pieces have distinct conceptual meanings, I have also come to discern a philosophy for my art, and that is to take the viewer out of the world and to that state where there are no words...yes, even no thoughts.

These are multimedia assemblages often containing scientific elements. Works have gone into space, contain the oldest life forms on earth, shock, spark, move employ human blood etc. The ill-informed may mistake some as ‘steam punk’ but my work predates that movement by many years and is neither utilitarian or as definable aesthetically. They are, in effect, compact, permanent, self-contained installations.

Artist Biography:

Steve Brudniak is an American contemporary artist, known for highly crafted, surreal assemblages invested with science elements and unusual characteristics. Brudniak pioneered use of many unconventional mediums including Tesla coil lightning, magnetic fluid, gyro mechanics, and biological preservations. Pieces generate ideas and themes of spirituality and psychological function.
His work is in the collections of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the San Antonio Museum of Art, The El Paso Museum of Art and The Art Museum of South Texas, and the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, many private collections and hundreds of books and publications. In 2008 his “Astrogeneris Mementos”  
became the first assemblage sculptures exhibited in outer space.
The monograph, “The Science of Surrealism - Assemblage Sculpture of Steve Brudniak”, (2013) documents thirty years of the artist’s career, with a foreword by Guillermo Del Toro.
Brudniak is also an accomplished actor, director and producer in film and television.