Shang-Yi Hua, Texas Sculpture Group

From Sugar Land, Texas

Artist Statement:

Shang-Yi Hua was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States as a college student. Always a creative thinker, Shang-Yi had never considered becoming a full-time artist due to her conservative cultural background. It was a chance project at her sons’ elementary school that awakened her interest in art-making. She pursued her artistic education at the MFAH’s Glassell School of Art, where she discovered her preferred medium: sculpture. Shang-Yi considers her work to be a sacred part of her own spiritual practice, and she often utilizes contrasts (between eastern and western culture, between natural and manufactured components, and between form and void) to express this personal journey. Sculpture is her way of articulating deeply-held truths to the world. 

Shang-Yi Hua studied in Glassell’s renowned BLOCK program and has exhibited widely throughout Houston and beyond. She was represented by the Cindy Lisica Gallery. Her work has been exhibited and collected widely, and in 2020 she received Honorable Mention in Artspace 111’s annual Texas-wide juried exhibition.

Artist Biography:

Grounded in faith and meditation, my work in the studio begins with a process of “quiet waiting.” More than just a workshop, the studio is a place to have fellowship with God, and I consider the works that I make to be a kind of spiritual diary. 

The process of “quiet waiting” is what fuels the sculptural action, which can take a wide variety of expressions. Using techniques such as heat-forming resin, welding, and woodworking, I create connections between form and idea. Contrasts between organic and artificial materials create tension and visual interest.

Many things can spark an idea for a sculpture: a verse from scripture, the physical form of a Chinese character, or events unfolding in the wider world. Most importantly, I seek to employ careful craftsmanship to highlight the inherent beauty of materials and speak to universal truths. 

I see the artist’s role as intermediary, communing with God in the studio, and conveying these impactful messages to my viewing audience.