Sabine Senft, Texas Sculpture Group

From Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

Artist Statement:

I am hoping to find a diverse mode of thinking through our current moment in time in order to address identity, politics and social issues in new challenging and stimulating ways.

I like to tell a story with my art about the impact we humans have on the world around us, and our potential to shape history while we are alive. 

My works have always dealt with past, present and future and been fingerprints of our time from my own perspective. I detect currents from the past and present and translate these through a filter of cross-cultural observations into sculpture or mixed media art.  The works usually exude a calm balance of process and concept. They often offer a space for reflection, appreciation and contemplation. 

Many of my pieces are found in public places, where they activate their environment with a site-specific narrative and respond to the social history and function of the site.

The transition between states of being is at the center of this inquiry. Disintegration is necessary to rebuild. There is extreme energy in this space before making a decision or jumping into action or letting go. This is what this piece is about.  

This piece was inspired by caring for my late father last year in home hospice care and helping him pass in his own four walls and witnessing his clinging to life. What makes us go one way or the other? What makes us hang on or quit…a relationship, a job or life? Or wage a war? Or strike back? And what happens in this transformative gap before we jump into action or let go? The study of metacognition fueled this inquiry.

Artist Biography:

Sabine Senft is an international artist whose interdisciplinary practice bridges sculpture, mixed media, public art, painting, video and photography, often bringing together unlikely elements in a single piece, creating balanced, poignant works. 

She earned her Bachelors degree at the University of Regensburg (1994) and graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Art and Education in Munich (1995). After living and working in Germany, England, Japan and Brazil she settled in San Antonio, Texas.

Sabine Senft has won recognition with several awards, including the Rick Liberto Award for Visual Arts from the Artist Foundation of San Antonio. Her work has been exhibited at ArtPace San Antonio, The McNay Museum, the Blue Star Contemporary, the Lawndale in Houston and the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas. Sabine’s latest public art commissions have been installed at the County offices in Dallas and in the Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. At present she is working on more public art and preparing for an artist residency in Berlin, Germany. 

Since 2018 Senft has served as the president of the Texas Sculpture Group, a statewide 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and official chapter of the International Sculpture Center (ISC), the publishers of Sculpture Magazine.  She also works as an art program manager for corporate art projects.