Roger Colombik, Texas Sculpture Group

From Wimberly, Texas

Artist Statement:

Every beloved object is the center of a garden of paradise. 

This poetic musing by Novalis, an 18th C. German writer is taped to the wall in my studio. It’s a timeless reminder for my studio practice where the material and spiritual worlds converge and wrestle in my imagination. Peregrination, peripatetic and migratory aptly describes my work where concepts are elastic and prone to the same transmutable nature as the materials I employ. I intentionally navigate a diverse practice that allows for investigative endeavors that weave between the more solitary work in my studio and the collaborative socially engaged projects.

Artist Biography:

Roger Colombik lives in the Texas Hill Country with his wife and artistic collaborator Jerolyn. Born and raised in Chicago, the city's monumental sculptural presence helped to define his understanding of the relationship between the artist, the community, and public spaces. Roger’s sculpture was featured in the 2016 West Texas Triangle, an exhibition series with concurrent solo exhibitions at five museums. Sculpture commissions completed in Texas in collaboration with Jerolyn include the City of Austin Art in Public Places (2 projects), San Marcos Convention Center, Hall Sculpture Park (Plano), and Miller Public Library (Beaumont).