Princess Cook, Texas Sculpture Group

From San Antonio, Texas

Artist Statement:

In the body of work that I call my “Venus Series” (a reference to the mythological Venus de Milo and the Earth Mother Goddess of prehistory), “Venus” is a time-traveling alter ego of sorts, through whom I explore all sorts of situations and voyage outside all natural and mental boundaries, including space, time and ordinary “reality.”  She often expresses opinions on various events throughout history, the present or imagined future, and explores social and political topics, often in unorthodox and socially (to some) unacceptable, satirical and frequently humorous ways.  She is frequently found at the wrong place in the wrong time.  Venus also has her own history recorded from what would be our future called “Excerpts from the Cosmic Consciousness in Pre-History.”

Artist Biography:


University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, Magna Cum Laude, B.F.A. 1980
University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, Honors, M.F.A. 1987

Interests (besides art) are travel, history, reading,  dancing, law, social and political activism, designing furniture for cats (patent and designs published in several books), and many outdoor sports.

Arts for Life-AIDS Fundraising Organization (Board-1992-1995).

Exhibited artwork in many state and national exhibitions and received awards in several completive exhibitions since 1980.