Olaniyi Akindiya, Texas Sculpture Group

From Pflugerville, Texas

Artist Statement:

My work focuses on time, fleeting moments that can be easily forgotten or transformed. Reflecting on rural versus urban life, the accelerated pace of development and infrastructure, performative activities play around social subjectivities with identity, immigration, Gun violence, race, history, religion components that break down conventional barriers.

With exploring the invisible systems of power that govern everyday existence, I utilize a multitude of techniques and materials, including repurposed objects, which may manifest in mixed media painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, sound, performance. While inscribing all these mediums in my comprehensive compositions, my works achieve an accumulative density that overwhelms with spectacle, grandeur and wonderment. My work is about the journeys of everyday life.

I tell stories that address issues that affect us all around the world, or those that are at the forefront in the particular society in which I find myself. I try to expand the presentation of the artworks to educate and engage a larger audience by creating an immersive experience that explores the ideas at hand in multiple ways. I see art as a food which we all have different tastes for. Some favor the taste of painting, some sculpture, mixed media, installation, video, performance, or photography. When a subject is explored through a variety of media, there are now many doors inviting us in to enjoy, engage and understand what is being communicated.

I believe art is an instrument to question and search for solutions - to dig out the truth without violence. Being surrounded by diversity of discipline and experience gives my work a grander scope and allows for more unexpected breakthroughs when searching for answers to what ails our society.
Ultimately, my work is designed to create comfort, peace, and solace. I believe that art can be a balm to the soul, revealing a quiet inner truth. My art is a reflection of the joys of life, directly inspired by rhythm, harmony, and the movement of daily existence.

Artist Biography:

Olaniyi was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He earned his first BSC degree in BIOCHEMISTRY from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta Nigeria (1991), going on to study Fine and Applied Art at Institute of Textile Technology Art & Design Lagos (1995). He now lives and works between Lagos and Austin Texas.

Olaniyi is a recipient of Red bull Arts, CERF+ 2020, Foundation for contemporary arts emergency grants 2019 & 2020, The Otis & Velma Davis Dozier Travel Grant Award From DMA 2019, the CORE Funding from Cultural Art Division Austin 2018, the Innovative Artist Award from Mid America Artist Alliance (MAAA / NEA) for 2017, Pollock Krasner Foundation Award 2016/17 & 2011, Cultural Initiative & Capacity Building Grant, Culture Alive Austin 2016/17, The Santo Foundation grant 2015, and The Commonwealth Connection Award UK 2011.