Norman Kary, Texas Sculpture Group

From Plano, Texas

Artist Statement:

My fascination with found objects goes as far back as my childhood when I scavenged the fields and Industrial parks near our house in Los Angles. My parents never knew what treasures I would bring home after walking from school. It was only later in my life I realized I could use these objects in such a way and call them Art. Now after almost 40 years of calling myself an artist I use them as metaphors of my youth but more importantly I try to allow these objects and images a stage to tell their own history. And in doing so tell us about ourselves.

Artist Biography:

Norman Kary is a well known national and internationally established multimedia/assemblage artist who has lived and worked in Dallas since 1976.He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1974. Norman has participated in numerous solo shows throughout his long career as well as group shows and Invitationals. His work is included in several museum collections throughout the country; notably the Houston Museum of Art, the Austin Museum of Art and the International Museum of Collage. He is in numerous public, private and corporate collections throughout the country and is included in several books on the subject of found art and collage.