Norma Preston (Early Risers)

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Catalog

Accession no: 2005.15.4 Type of work: Oil on canvas
Artist/creator: Norma Preston
Born: Died: 2003
Artist biography: B.S., University of Texas, Austin.

Title of work: Early Risers
Date of item: 1994
Signed: Lower Left Corner –“Norma Preston”

Dimensions: 36” x 30” (91.44 x 72.2 cm)
Description: An abstract of a cityscape in soft light with blues, reds, streaks of yellow and gold. In this work one long street runs from front to back between tall buildings. It is done in a somewhat birds eye view of a street flanked with tall buildings and traffic.
Material: oil on canvas
Medium: painting
Country of origin: United States

Artist’s statement about work: “My desire in painting is not to reproduce photographically but to create, hopefully with a unique style, an atmosphere that evokes an emotional response in the viewers.”
Condition: Very Good Condition from condition report dated May 17, 2005
Conservation future: None required
Provenance: Donated to the museum by artist’s husband, Max Preston, upon her death.

Donor information: Max Preston, husband
History of object: Donated to SAMFA on May 10, 2005.Accepted by SAMFA into Permanent Collection October 20, 2005.
Exhibitions: December 1994: Associated Artists of Winston-Salem Show: “Presenting Associate Members,” North Carolina
April 1995: Best of Show, Fifth Annual Best In The West Exhibition, Ashe Arts Center, North Carolina,
Restrictions: Credit Line: Gift of Max Preston

Cataloger name: Karen Zimmerly
Date: May 16, 2007
Sources used: Museum File