L. Renée Nuñez, Texas Sculpture Group

From Lago Vista, Texas

Artist Statement:

The exponential evolutionary growth of technology has affected the speed at which humans produce, consume and interact, a speed that can't be maintained or reconciled, causing an anxiety that finds me reaching backwards and inside to find connection with the primordial. For the last 10 years I have been creating Habitat: Other World populated by representatives of plants and animals in a direct manifestation of my reach for the primordial.  These representatives have mutated characteristics that symbolize the nebulous, and thus connected, mass of newly forming primordial life. The work takes form in a painted, ever evolving installation as these creatures accrete. The intricately hand cut networks cast shadows and reflect color leading them to link the realms of two and three dimensional worlds.

Artist Biography:

L. Renee Nunez is curious about plants, animals, and minerals and the relationships that exist between them. She has discovered that these beings have messages about our world that she shares through her artwork, primarily in the form of painted installations. Her site specific and semi-site specific installations were partly cultivated by her decades-long presence in the Austin dance community for whom she created collaborative installations and sculptural costumes and where her love of movement was nurtured.