San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Catalog

 Accession no: 1999.8.6 A-D Type of work: Ceramic

Permanent Collection

Artist/creator: Keiko Fukazawa

Artist biography: Keiko Fukazawa was born in Japan. For a time, she studied at Mushashino Art University in Tokyo and at the studio of Sotoen in Shigaraki. However, she soon realized that the strict system in place would keep her wedging clay for three years and throwing pots for another ten before she would get to realize any of her own art. Fukazawa decided to move to the United States to pursue graduate studies in ceramics. Fukazawa enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts program at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. She studied with ceramist Ralph Baccera whose own works were Asian-inspired and appealed to her for this reason. In the United States she was able to find her own creative voice and was allowed the freedom and opportunity to pursue her artistic vision. The artist was always resistant to the often narrow and rigid traditional roles of Japanese women. Fortunately for Fukazawa, her mother encouraged her to follow her own interests and ideas. Some of her ceramic wares are inspired by discussions with her mother and on her mother’s excellent culinary skills and presentation of food. The artist desired to make wares that would equal the quality and aesthetic of her mother’s recipes. Fukazawa found further inspiration from the California landscape. The artist found the rocky coastline reminiscent of Japanese Zen gardens. Landscape Bowl is an example of the work that emerged from these inspirations.

Title of work: Landscape Bowl
Date of item: 1986
Signed: signed on bottom of bowl (incised in clay): Keiko Fukazawa 1986
Dimensions: 13” square (33.02 cm)

Description: This piece is made of 5 parts: a large tile, a wooden frame (into which the tile fits), a bowl and two ceramic stones. The bowl is decorated with Japanese symbols on the outside (black letters on a white background) and the inside is bright gold.

Material: glazed ceramic, wood
Medium: Ceramic
Country of origin: United States
Descriptors:Ceramicists; Ceramics
See also: (Related descriptors)Artist, ceramics
Artists, ceramic
Ceramic artist
Ceramic ware
Clark and Del Vecchio Collection

Condition: Good
Provenance: Donated to SAMFA in November 1999 by Garth Clark Gallery, who acquired it from the artist.

Donor information: Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio, Garth Clark Gallery

Cataloger name: Karen Zimmerly
Date: August 11, 2005
Sources used: Museum file; AAT