Julia Ousley, Texas Sculpture Group

From Dallas, Texas

Artist Statement:

I identify myself as an architect and sculptor, and I hold master degrees in both disciplines.

My history in health care and architecture, gives multi-layered focus to my work, which is often about that place where the human condition and the built environment or nature intersect. I frequently organize my work around grids with forms derived from architectural scale figures.  I use the history of sculpture as commemorative representation to play with non site-specific work concerned with architecture/non-architecture and base/non-base. I also like to use economy of means, gaining mass with little materials, and most of my work comes apart for shipping and storage like KD (knock down) furniture. I try not to limit myself regarding ideas, materials or methods of fabrication. 

Mostly, I am doing what I want, enjoying what I do, and hoping that my audience gets something to think about, and enjoy as well.

Artist Biography:

A native Texan, Julia now splits her time between homes in Dallas, New York and Taos, NM. In all locations she is a practicing sculptor and shows her work across the country. Now mostly engaged in large scale public work, she runs a studio, Hardwick Yards, where she works with other sculptors in West Dallas. Her work draws on her previous careers in health care and architecture. Her husband, Jon, is retired from Pediatric Dentistry and they enjoy three married children, their eight grandchildren, and new great-granddaughter.