Jerry Dodd, Texas Sculpture Group

From Commerce, Texas

Artist Statement:

I have been welding steel for over forty years.  In the early phase of my explorations, I was fascinated with the power of the process.  The capability of permanently joining two pieces of steel was, and still is, exhilarating.  Also, the extendibility of the material in space, as well as its abundance in countless variety continues to intrigue me.  Steel certainly is a product of the industrial age, yet it can be many things.  Light, airy forms, heavy architectural shapes, and sensuous organic forms are all possible.  I believe it is the great variety of forms that I can collect as part of my visual vocabulary, as well as forms I can fabricate in the studio, that continue to interest me.  It is the unification of these forms into a complete interconnected sculpture that I am attempting to accomplish.

Artist Biography:

Jerry Dodd received his B.S. in Art from Central Michigan University, and his M.F.A. degree in sculpture from the University of Oregon.  

Dodd taught sculpture, 3-D design, and drawing at several New York State universities and colleges.  He exhibited widely in the Upstate New York area, and received several awards for his steel sculpture.

He was Professor of Art at Texas A&M University-Commerce from 1977 until his retirement in 2006. 

He has pursued his personal vision as a practicing studio artist since moving to Texas.  Dodd has shown his work extensively in Texas, including one-person shows, juried and invitational group shows.

Dodd lives and maintains a studio in Commerce, Texas.