Gary Webernick, Texas Sculpture Group

From Seguin, Texas

Artist Statement:

I never know what my next idea will be or in what form it will manifest itself.  It could surface from a dream---it could be a harsh reality---be political---whimsical---an experiment with a new material---a refinement of a previous idea---I could play with sound, light and movement---it could be a conundrum---perhaps a combination of many thoughts and ideas.

My mind wanders through the past, present and future sometimes touching the ghosts of previous artists---I love the surreal, nonsense, color, architecture and cold sweet watermelon.

I save images in my head, put some in my journal---they often appear when least expected. After something will not leave my thoughts and continues to haunt me, I know that it is time to begin a deeper search---I am never certain where the path may lead me---the process is the magic. 

Artist Biography:

Gary Webernick currently resides in Seguin, Texas.

Working in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, mixed-media installations, photography, video and books, Webernick has exhibited internationally with work included in private and public collections, as well as a variety of publications.

He is a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts/Rockefeller Grant for Interdisciplinary Artists and has been awarded various artist grants including an Installation Grant from the Austin Museum of Art.

As an artist working in Anchorage, Alaska, Webernick received an Individual Artist Grant as well as an Alaska State Travel Grant from the Alaska State Council for the Arts. 

Webernick has taught at various art schools, colleges and universities in the United States.  After teaching at Austin Community College, Austin, Texas for nearly 30 years and serving as Department Chair for 18 years, he has recently retired from full-time teaching and is currently teaching as an Adjunct Professor of Art at Austin Community College.

Mr. Webernick is a founding member, Vice President, Chair of Exhibits and serves on the Board of Directors of the Texas Sculpture Group, a non-profit statewide arts organization and affiliate of the International Sculpture Center.