Emily Sloan, Texas Sculpture Group

From Houston, Texas

Artist Statement: 

Emily Sloan works with a variety of materials including wood, clay, humor and dreams. Her art practice has led her on many adventures including a faux burning house, Victorian lampshades on City of Houston lamp posts, messages on the ground out of mulch and debris, the founding of Curation Myth Ministries, misting shade clouds created out of lampshades, Mobile Nap Deliveries, funeral wakes for the undead, baptisms out of a pick-up truck, an art gallery in a refrigerator.

Artist Biography:

Emily Sloan is an artist, curator and educator that can most often be found at Mystic Lyon, her studio and playground at the crossroads of Lyons Avenue and Mystic Street in Houston’s historic 5th Ward. She works in sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, performance and what she likes to call Recreational Aesthetics. She recently founded (2020) the Center for Centering, a ceramic studio and residency in Houston, Texas.