Chapman Kelley

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Catalog

Accession no: 1999.1.7 A-B

Type of work: Acrylic painting on board 

Permanent collection

Artist/creator: Chapman Kelley Title of work: New Heights 

Date of item: 1959
Date acquired: 1999

Signed: Upper right corner, “Chapman Kelley ‘59
Dimensions: 37” x 30” Framed: 43.5” x 36.5” (93.98 x 76.2; 110.49 x 92.71 cm)

Description: The painting depicts a small boy who is shinnying up the doorframe of a building. The young boy is at the top of the open door, with both his feet resting on either side of the doorframe and one hand above his head holding onto the top of the doorframe molding. He is looking downward and wears a blue and white striped t-shirt and brown shorts. The building is also a golden brown (similar to the shade of his shorts) and the door which opens to the inside of the building is a deep green. The entire painting has a golden glow.

Material: oil on canvas
Medium: Painting
Country of origin: U. S.
Descriptors: Womack Collection
Condition: Good
Provenance: Jack and Marian Bleakley of San Angelo provided funds to the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts to purchase 15 works of art from the Bill M. Womack collection. Mr. Womack was an executive of the Commercial Metals Corporation in Dallas and also an avid art collector. He and Jack Bleakley were roommates at the University of Texas both before and after World War II. Mr. Womack was a West Texan—he was born in Brady—and wanted part of his collection to be exhibited there.
Donor information: Jack and Marian Bleakley San Angelo, TX 76901
Restrictions: None

Cataloger name: Karen Zimmerly
Date: August 8, 2005
Sources used: AAT
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