Art Garcia, Texas Sculpture Group

From Dallas, Texas

Artist Statement:

Through serial objects, dialogue begins with a collective observation into our social consciousness. Seemingly displaced from an industrial or urban environment, works use the language of color and form commonly experienced in our daily lives. A glimpse into each object’s individuality is provided through the expressive application of the mark. The color sensibility awakens our prior interaction with hue, allowing past experiences to find meaning. Whether appropriating a universal form as a canvas, objects, or markings, viewers are called to dialog through their introspection, transcending the spoken word.

"Pulse" is informed by our social consciousness as humans resort to isolation and injustice.

Artist Biography:

Born in El Paso, Texas, Art Garcia has been creating art and sculpture for thirty-five years. His work has been published in the United States and Europe, while public art collections include his objects. Garcia holds an MA and MFA from the University of Dallas.