Multiple Visit Programs

Limit 25 students per session. For a more in-depth experience with art.

Each multiple visit program includes:

     • 1 gallery tour at SAMFA (45 minutes) (On-site presentations can be done if requested,

        but there is nothing like seeing art in real life!)

     • 4 studio sessions that can take place at the museum or in your classroom.

        (45 minutes each)

     • An art show for parents and teachers in the Coop Gallery

       (right across the street from SAMFA).

For Groups exceeding 75 Students: Due to the limited space in our galleries and the fragile nature of the artwork, we cannot provide a safe nor meaningful experience groups larger than 75. Groups exceeding 100 students, or groups with limited time constraints are welcome to enjoy a self-guided outdoor tour of the Art Museum and the surrounding Cultural District.