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The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts is doing its best to provide safe, fun and educational learning tools during this time.
Our motto is “We are not just about art on the walls but art in our lives”. 

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The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts is happy to introduce a new way to enjoy SAMFA's collection and programs with SAMFA Virtual. 

SAMFA Virtual is a collection of virtual content that includes Tours, Demos, Online Activities, and more. You can find links to our content here on our wesbite, but the best way to experience SAMFA Virtual is to follow us on Social Media! We have exclusive content with family challenges and inside looks at our collection that you can find only on:





Scientific Tuesday: Shrink The Scientist 


On today's Scientific Tuesday Miss Julia shows us how shrinky dinks work. Check out our blog and see how to make your own shrinky dinks at home!









Free Draw Friday: Blind Contour Drawing 


Bailey is showing us how Blind Contour Drawing can help improve your art. Follow along at home and try the Blind Contour Drawing Method!




American Ceramics

Today we're looking at some of the American Ceramics from SAMFA's Permanent Collection!



Texas Art 

Get to know more about SAMFA's Permanent Collection of Texas Art!



Word Up Wednesday: The Mona Lisa 

It's Word Up Wednesday! Did you know the Mona Lisa was once stolen? Ths Week Miss Caroline is showing us TWO great reads about the one and only Mona Lisa.



Mixed Media Monday: Sculpture 

Happy Mixed Media Monday! Today we are looking at different types of sculptires, and what materials we can use to make art. check out the instructions for our sculpture demonstrations on our blog:



Scientific Tuesday: Art Goes POP!

Art goes POP for today's Scientific Tuesday! Miss Julia is teaching us about chemical reactions and includes some art in her scientific process. Check out more on our blog!




Free Draw Friday: Pointillism 

Shaydee, SAMFA's Cultural District Manager, Assistant Prepator and Graphic Designer, is showing us how she creates her "Littles"!



Word Up Wednesday: Basquiat 

Miss Caroline the Bookkeeper is back to talk with Basquiat about his influences and art! Read along this week's book "Radiant Child" here:
And check out our blog for more info about Basquiat and other famous artists!



Mixed Media Monday: A Cup is a Cup 


Happy Mixed Media Monday! Bailey is telling us about Meret Oppenheim's famous Fur covered cup and has a fun art challenge for all of you. share your art with us, and check out our





Colors of the Coral Reef 


Dive into Color Theory with us! Learn about warm and cool colors and how to create a color scheme with the colors of coral reefs for World Ocean Day







Celebrity Inside Out 


Flashback Friday with some famous names from our 2018 exhibit "Inside Out An exploration of women's status and roles in American society as reflected in fashion from foundation to silhouette"





SAMFA Collection Stars

Get to know some of SAMFA's famous artists!


SAMFA Architecture Tour
Why does SAMFA have a curved roof? Did you know SAMFA is next to a municiple pool built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the 1930s? What's so special about the ponds outside the Museum? Learn all this and more about our current home on Love Street in SAMFA's Architecture Tour



Scientific Tuesday: Sun Prints
It's Scientific Tuesday! Today Julia is showing us how to make a Sun Print. Read more about the scientific process on our blog:




Free Draw Friday: Surrealist Drawing Challenge
It's Free Draw Friday! Miss Bekah is helping us stretch our art muscles with a fun Surrealist Drawing Challenge. Read more about surrealism on our blog:



Word- Up Wednesday: Frida Kahlo
Happy Word Up Wednesday! Miss Caroline talks to us today about Frida Kahlo, and asks her some questions about this week's read: Frida and Her Animalitos. Check out our blog for more info on Frida!


The Envelope, Please! Announcing the Competition Artists for 2020 EnPleinAirTEXAS

Announcing the chosen artists that will be competing during our 7th Annual EnPleinAirTEXAS competition, which is hosted by the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.



Mixed Media Monday: Blind Throwing
It's Mixed Media Monday! How much harder do you think art is when you can't see? Miss Morgan joins us today to show us how she throws clay, and walks us through how she can do it blindfolded! 



SAMFA Staff Spotlight: Micala 
Meet Micala, SAMFA's office assistant. We're learning how Micala creates linoleum prints in this episode of our Staff Spotlight Series 



Texture Box Demo
Family Program Manager Bailey shows us how to create a fun texture box with things from around the house


Stockpiling for the Apocalypse with Ginger
23rd San Angelo National Ceramic Competition Invited Artist Ginger Geyer is back with a special new work called Stockpiling for the Apocalypse! 



Artist Talks: Nick Sevigney
Nick Sevigney discusses his work in our 23rd San Angelo National Ceramic Competition in this episode of Artist Talks.



Artist Talks: Beth Shook
Get to know 23rd San Angelo National Ceramic Competition Accepted Artist, Beth Shook. You can see her work, "Captivated by the Details" and read her statement when you visit our Online Gallery



In The Clay Kitchen with Ginger Geyer 

23rd San Angelo National Ceramic Competition Invited Artist Ginger Geyer is back in her studio and she's making her own essential supplies. We can't wait to see how this new piece turns out.




Elements of Design
We're going over the components that artists use to create their work!



What is Art? Part 2
Court is back in session with the case of Art v. The Dictionary and we have more theories to cover. Do you have a favorite?



What is Art? Part 1
We're exploring some of the theories that have been used to answer the question "What is Art?" Do you have a favorite theory? What do you think Art is?



Juror Presentation of the 23rd San Angelo National Ceramic Competition
Juror Jo Lauria presents works from SAMFA's 23rd San Angelo National Ceramic Competition. Learn more about the works in the exhibit and her selection process.



Artist Talks: Nasrin Iravani
Nasrin Iravani discusses her work "Graceful" in our Artist Talks Series highlighting works from the 23rd San Angelo National Ceramic Competition.



Ceramic Techniques
We're expanding on what we learned in the Science of Clay with an exploration of techniques ceramicists (ceramic artists) use in creating their work. We'll take a closer look at the options artist have for molding the clay, glazing and firing it!



Artist Talks: Shannon Blakey
Shannon Blakey discusses his work "Peeling Layers Too" from our San Angelo National Ceramic Competition.




SAMFA Staff Spotlight: Shaydee Watson 
Meet Shaydee, SAMFA's Cultural District Manager, Assistant Prepator and Graphic Designer. She's showing us how she creates her "Littles" in today's Staff Spotlight!



The Science of Clay 
There's a lot of science behind ceramics. Learn about different types of clay, the temperatures they're fired at, and more in The Science of Clay!



Intro to Clay 
We're covering the basics of clay in this one. Learn more about the ceramic process before we dive into The Science of Clay tomorrow! 


Clay in the Kitchen with Ginger - Bonus Slice 
We'd love to share a blueberry bonus slice à la mode with you! Thanks to 23rd San Angelo National Ceramic Competition Invited Artist Ginger Geyer for inviting us into her studio.


Clay in the Kithcen with Ginger Part 5
This slice goes à la mode with SAMFA's 23rd San Angelo National Ceramic Competition Invited Artist Ginger Geyer!  

5 Minute Exhibit Tour: 
Celebrating the Givers in a Season of Giving: The Treasures of SAMFA’s Permanent Collection
This exhibit is on display from December 13, 2019 - April 5, 2020.


Clay in the Kitchen with Ginger Part 1
See what our San Angelo National Ceramic Competition Invited Artist, Ginger Geyer, is cooking up in her studio!


Clay in the Kithcen with Ginger Part 2
See what our San Angelo National Ceramic Competition Invited Artist, Ginger Geyer, is cooking up in her studio!


Clay in the Kithcen with Ginger Part 3
See what our San Angelo National Ceramic Competition Invited Artist, Ginger Geyer, is cooking up in her studio!


Drawing with Colored Pencil with Pop of Color
Ashley Perales from Pop of Color joins us today to give us a demo with colored pencils! Follow her on social media to see updates on her art and business.


Throwing with Morgan Raschke
SAMFA Staff is not only working from home, but creating from home as well! Studio Educator Morgan Raschke is teaching us how to throw ceramics on the wheel.

Woodburning Demo with Bailey Upton
Family Program Manager Bailey Upton shows us the basics of Wood-burning and gives us a quick demo


Around the Galleries with Retablos
Bekah Coleman teaches us about these Spanish Colonial creations and their storytelling elements. Follow up at home with our Spanish Colonial Retablo Seek & Find on our blog!


Around the Galleries with Santos
Lisa Simpson is leading us on a tour around the galleries. Learn about Santos in SAMFA's Permanent Collection and follow up with an activity on our blog! 

Toddler Tour of the Museum Galleries with Lucille
SAMFA is introducing a new kind of tour guide today. Lucille is here to give us a Toddler Tour of the galleries!


Get Active with Art!
Move it while learning about Abstract Expressionism with Bekah Coleman
as she shows us her favorite Artist in SAMFA's Collection, Zanne Hochberg!


San Angelo: A Look at the Past, Present, and Future by John Begnaud
Watch the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Collectors Society lecture about the history of Texas landscaping and horticulture. John Begnaud was the County Extension Agent-Horticulturalist for Tom Green County before retiring in 2008.


LIVE Q&A with John Begnaud
Thank you for submitting your garden management questions for John Begnaud for his Q&A with the Museum’s Assistant Director and curator Laura Huckaby. In this Q&A John answered a wide range of questions about Concho Valley’s horticultural resources! 🌵🌾


Watercolor Demo with Bekah Coleman
SAMFA's Curator of Education is with us today to show us some cool tips with Watercolor! Try these out for yourself at home!


What Makes a Painting Exceptional?
So how do you know when or why a painting is really ‘exceptional’? Is there more to it than just the fact that you like it? EnPleinAirTEXAS Awards Judge Donald Demers will help you ‘step behind the paint and the brush-strokes’ and discover why some paintings captivate us immediately.


Check back for more tours and demos with #SAMFAVirtual  

Education at SAMFA is currently working to provide additional online content for at home use. As a way to provide continued access to the many art resources in our West Texas region - four arts organizations have teamed up to provide daily online arts-centric programming for all ages.  This Joint Online Learning Initiative (JOLI) is an effort of The Grace Museum, The Center for Contemporary Arts, National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature, Old Jail Art Center, and San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.  Together we provide extensive and varied collections and programs that are sure to engage all ages!


Please check back here or follow us on Facebook for updated information!


We are also working with other local organizations such as STARbase and Stephen Central Library to broaden our Art Survival Kit packets and include interdisciplinary STEAM curriculum.