Thanks for another great year of SAMFA Summer Camps!

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2021 Summer Camp info:

Please come to camp with all paperwork ready to go. If you do not have a paper copy, you can download all forms below:

Behavior Contract 

Medical Release 

Photo Release 

COVID-19 waiver 


Camp Info:

Art of Nature:

The Art of Nature camps were inspired by the need for increased outdoor experiences for our children. “Nature Deficit Disorder” is a phrase coined by author Richard Louv and refers to the fact that children today spend more and more time indoors and therefore have less of a concept of their natural surroundings and the importance of caring for our earth.

Campers spend their days in activities such as canoeing on the Concho River, creating learnscapes, hiking and fishing, hearing about native plants from a local botanist, creating community from nature, visiting the Farmer’s Market and learning how to create healthy snacks. Campers are integrated with technology, science, art and more interdisciplinary studies with specialist from Angelo State University. By not only experiencing our local natural environment, but also reflecting on their own role in caring for our planet through visual art projects, these campers are immersed in this valuable intersection of art and science.


Art of Nature: Urban Adventures

7-9 year olds June 7th – 11th and 10-12 year olds June 21st – 25th  

The Concho River runs through the heart of San Angelo and through the museum’s backyard. Campers will explore the Concho River with canoe rides and various outdoor adventures. Campers will create art made from nature and design eco-friendly architecture along with many other artworks.

Key themes: eco-friendly architecture, non-point water pollution, lunar calendar, portraiture & ceramic art


Art of Nature: Flora & Fauna

7-9 year olds June 14th – 18th and 10-12 year olds June 28th – July 2nd   

The Concho River’s flora and fauna, or plant life and wildlife, is fascinating to observe and study. Campers will explore local eco-systems in the museum’s backyard, fish along the Concho and see, touch and hold local wildlife critters. Campers will use elements of nature and art to create projects all week long.

Key themes: West Texas biodiversity, elements of art, local and invasive wildlife/plants, ceramic art


We will be limiting campers to 20 kids per camp during the summer of 2021 to allow for social distancing and allow staff to properly sanitize and organize classroom learning we will need more studio space.




















 For more information on COVID-19 Protocols for our camps and programs, Please see this COVID-19 Camp Procedures Guide:

COVID-19 Camp Procedures


COVID- 19 Waiver






















Summer Camps 2020 


Paper Samples of Camp Registration forms 

Art of Nature Ages 7-9

Art of Nature Ages 10-12

Art Camp All Day 

Cooking Camp

Art & Play Wednesday 


(Please note that these paper samples are not currently accepted as a form of registration, but feel free to print to keep for reference.)
You cannot register by sending the forms via mail



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Art Camp All Day Murals 2018 

 For Art Camp All Day in 2018, We decided that one of our big group projects would be to paint and assemble Murals to go in Paint brush Alley: a popular art spot in San Angelo for displaying Public Art. Both the 7 - 9 year old and 10 - 12 year old groups had a chance to create 2 murals that reflect SAMFA, young artists in San Angelo, and the spirit of Texas. 

Bekah Coleman, Curator of Education and Lead Camp Supervisor, came up with the concept and preliminary sketches of the murals. Our Inspiration for the designs came from Nature and Texas Culture. The 4 designs we came up with were a Texas Horned Lizard, a Prickly Pear Cactus, A collection of Texas Wildflowers, and native Texas snakes. The Horned Lizard and Cactus were designated to the 7-9 year old Camp and the wildflowers and snakes were designated to the 10-12 year old Camp. We also decided that three of the murals would be painted, while the fourth would be a collaborative mosaic piece (the snakes) 


Art Camp All Day: Ages 7 - 9 

Texas Horned Lizard 

You can find a timelapse of the background being painted  here.





Art Camp All Day Ages 7 - 9  

Prickly Pear Cactus 

One of our concepts for our Prickly Pear was to actually nail in spikes or nails for the thorns. This will give the mural a 3-Dimentional element to the mural and create texture



(Mural before the thorns were added)

Art Camp All Day Ages 10-12

 Texas Wildflowers

The flowers included: Sunflowers, Bluebonnets, Blackfoot Daisy, Texas Thistle, Indian Paintbrush, and Mexican Hat. The Murals were designed as a "Paint-by-number" on a wooden panel.




Art Camp All Day Ages 10-12

Texas Snakes

The two snakes on our mosaic are the Rattlesnake and the Texas Milk Snake. 



















If you were unable to register for camp, we still offer free programming every Thursday at Art Thursday and every 2nd Saturday of each month at Family Day!

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Policy allowing parents to stay and observe camp: 

We believe that a parent’s presence can be distracting to some children as well as staff. Therefore, we prefer parents do not stay. This is standard practice by other museums and comparable institutions. However, if there is a specific need to stay and observe your child; this will need prior approval from the Curator of Education. The specific times must be approved by the Curator of Education and the Lead Mentor at least two weeks prior to camp start date. You must contact the Curator of Education privately to setup volunteer times. 


 - Campers grow personally. They are given the chance to experience new things and interact with other children on a daily basis. - Campers learn new things. Whether it’s playing a new game, practicing an existing skill or developing their social skills, campers leave our camp having learned something they can remember for a lifetime.


Any questions concerning summer camp information can be emailed to



Take a look at what we have done previous years at SAMFA camps  

Art Camp All Day 2016 Films

The summer of 2015 brought technology and water together @ SAMFA.

Art Camp All Day: Art Engineers; helped children 7-12 years old create and edit film using open Source Media.
These short films were entered into the 2015 Water Texas Film Contest in Austin that aims to find ways to raise awareness regarding the true value of our water sources.


Art Camp All Day 2015

The summer of 2015 brought technology and water together @ SAMFA.

Art Camp All Day: Art Engineers; helped children 7-12 years old create and edit film using open Source Media.
These short films were entered into the 2015 Water Texas Film Contest in Austin that aims to find ways to raise awareness regarding the true value of our water sources.

All videos entered in the contest were both filmed and edited by 7-12 year old campers at Art Camp All Day, with the assistance of camp instructors Brian Beck, Blanca Hernandez, and Jenny Combest.
Special Thanks to Brian Beck, creative Director of Open Source Initiatives and Co-founder of TexOS.




  Meet our summer staff!



More information on our different types of camps:  

Art of Nature (Ages 7-9) & Art of Nature (Ages 10-12) $75 registration fee
Explore the natural, artistic and scientific wonders in  San Angelo. Then create artworks inspired by nature.  Classes are from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. For ages 7 through 12.


Art Camp All Day (Ages 7-9) & Art Camp All Day (Ages 10-12) $75 registration fee
Full day classes exploring the creative process and the museum’s collection! Classes are from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. For ages 7 through 12 


Cooking Classes (Ages 10-15) $125 registration fee
Creating something healthy and delicious to eat is an art form! Register for half day classes taught by local baker, Brenda Wellen. Classes are from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. For ages 10 through 15. 


Art & Play Wednesdays (Ages 3-6) $10 registration fee per class
Join us every Wednesday for a creative play date! Stories, hands-on activities, and art projects. Classes are from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Preregistration is required. For ages 3 to 6 (Adult Companions required).