Our Mission

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 The mission statement was adopted by the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Board of Trustees of February 9, 1995; based on the original written by the Founding Board in 1981.

"The mission of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts shall be to establish and maintain a museum in order to house and exhibit a permanent collection of art as well as to provide space for traveling exhibitions, for the purpose of the enjoyment and education of the general public in San Angelo, Texas, the rural communities of the Concho Valley, and the state of Texas*."

This statement has been regularly reviewed and serves as the guide for the goals and activities of the museum. It has been analyzed and the following are the key ideas that have been developed:

  1. "The general public" means all segments of the population including all ages, sexes, races and creeds. It is the museum's intention to welcome and actively encourage attendance and participation by everyone.

  2. "San Angelo, Texas, and the rural communities of the Concho Valley" is defined as an area of 14 counties which use San Angelo as their marketing and social center. San Angelo has a more rural orientation than any city in West Texas and no other museum in the region has made a significant attempt to work with that audience.

  3. "A permanent collection" is considered vital. It is recognized that this is a small museum with limited resources. Major historical works are beyond our means. We will acquire contemporary art, ceramics, and the work of Texas artists.

  4. "Traveling exhibitions" will be used to bring to our audience a diverse view of the visual arts encompassing all periods and cultures.

  5. "For the purpose of the enjoyment and education of" underscores a commitment to an education program with emphasis on school age children, because the children of the region have little exposure to the visual arts. Programs for adults and special audiences will also be undertaken.

  6. "Maintain a museum" means a commitiment to meet the highest standards for exhibitions, environmental control, security and support facilities.

*At the Annual Board Retreat, in the Spring of 2014, the Board of Trustees voted to add "and the state of Texas" based upon the fact that the museum collections have a strong and broad representation of Texas art. The museum is now the operational headquarters for a state wide organization, CASETA, the Center for Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art, and that the museum regurarly features the work of earlier and contemporary Texas artists. Also, our library now holds the Bill and Mary Cheek Early Texas Art Archives. We also market extensivly across the state and draw substantial audiences from across Texas.