Shaydee Watson

Shaydee Watson
Cultural District Manager, Assistant Preparator & Graphic Designer

Shaydee started at the museum in May of 2014. Previous to working at the museum, she was one of Roger Allen's assistants at the Old Chicken Farm Art Center. Shaydee has always tried to immerse herself in the art community, so when the opportunity came about to work at the museum, she jumped on it. Shaydee says, "One of my favorite things about doing new exhibit installations at the museum is getting the opportunity to meet and speak with the artists about their work. Everyone's process is different and I find that intriguing and inspirational as an artist myself." She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Angelo State University specializing in Graphic Design.
Shaydee has a number of jobs here at SAMFA. She assists with our exhibit installations, is our graphic designer, manages Gallery Verde up on S. Oakes Street, is the Program Manager for our concert series, and is San Angelo's Cultural District Manager.
In addition to working at the museum, Shaydee enjoys creating her own artwork. Her preferred method of art is using charcoal and graphite pencils, but also likes to dabble with painting.